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Between friends seeks to explore various topics of concern on many people’s minds today. Parenting tips, tax tips, money management and time management. Being a parent is an enormous responsibility. It’s sometimes assumed parents will automatically know how to parent their children. However, one of the most important jobs on Earth - parenting - does not come with a “how to” manual. Being an effective parent is a challenge. Your child’s needs will change over time and one cannot always rely purely on instincts. Parenting tips include encouraging your children and giving them lots of loving praise. Be consistent, with both your style of discipline, but also your admiration and appreciation of them. Oftentimes, the hardest part of being a successful parent is carrying out discipline, but it’s so important that many consider it the cornerstone of parenthood.

Busy parents will, of course, benefit greatly from time management. Along with children come unexpected expenses, effective budgeting and money management. Not just for young parents, though, nearly everyone can benefit from time management and money management tips. Time management helps one feel more in control of their life. Being in control of your time and money includes a specifically designed combination of techniques, tools, and methods. Time management is necessary with any project as it helps decide the project’s development and time completion. This is especially important in business and for parents who work from home. A work at home parent is one who integrates parenting into their business activities from home. Work at home jobs are in high demand. Not only from parents wishing to be home with their children, but others who want the advantage of no commute and the other advantages work from home jobs bring. Explore our pages for more on parenting tips, money management, time management, work at home jobs and tax tips.


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