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Legitimate work at home jobs are out there, but sometimes are difficult to find. The best tip for anyone looking for work at home jobs is that you should never have to pay money to get the job. Almost all so-called “jobs” that require a fee from you are not legitimate. There are some common sense tips, or rules, to follow when looking for a work at home opportunity.

First, evaluate your talents and skills. Don’t forget hobbies that may be marketable with little or no training.

Decide which talents are viable. Some work at home jobs need special training - others do not. It helps to know and feel confident about the skills and talents you already possess.

Carefully consider the market. Do your research into whatever field you’re interested in working.

Find a job board that talks about various no-fee work at home jobs. Browse the different chat forums where you can pick up good ideas and talk with others in the same position you are. These types of forums can give you some really good feedback and ideas about the job market. It’s also a good way to find out about work at home scams.

The internet provides many work at home jobs that were not even available a few years ago. These include revenue sharing sites. Your job is to write articles and get paid when people visit the page with your article and click on advertisements listed there. Lots of people earn legitimate money this way. The best part - you only need to write the articles one time and you will get paid forever from them when they get indexed in the search engines.

Normally, job search sites, such as Monster don’t list very many work at home jobs. If you do an online search yourself, the following is a list of good keywords to use for finding work at home jobs. These are also the keywords to use on other “search for jobs” websites.

Virtual assistant
Virtual employee Working virtually
Remote work
Remote contractor
Outsourcing opportunity
Freelance jobs
Off-site job
Independent contractor


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